Powerful new moon

This weekend the new moon was very powerful. I do not know about you but that is how it felt to me. Something has shifted. These things are difficult to describe and are very personal. I feel it and will gently wait to realise its reverberations.

Today has been a very grey and rainy day. I love to walk in the rain -hair dripping, water running down my face- and I love the musicality of the rain, especially when walking in the woods. 


The art of being slow

What better than visiting these cows during my walk on this very drizzly, rainy day. Whatever the circumstances, their majestic slowness does not change. They are munching slowly, do not move their bodies fast, express their curiosity – oh they are curious beasts – in a deliberate way, even pricking up their ears happens rather slowly… they are gorgeous and I love to say hello to these teachers of the art of being slow when I am walking past.